Friday, January 29, 2010

Walking on Water!

On the way into the Day Job this morning, I thought I was seeing things. The birds were walking on water. Well, at least, it looked that way.

Most of the ice has disappeared with the milder temperatures but overnight, it got abit cold. Cold enough to create a skim of pure clear ice and the birds looked like
they were walking on water.

I am always amazed at the survival of the birds during the hardship of Canadian winters. How do they survive with only a few feathers and bare feet? And to top it it all off, they don't even complain or ask for media time to expose their plight?


  1. What a great photo. We got blasted with winter today. The snow is falling and blowing something fierce. We were hoping our boss would follow suit with the banks and several other businesses and close at 1pm, but alas, I'm still at my desk!

  2. I feel the same when I watch all the birds at the feeders when there's ice, snow, and single digit temps. Nature is amazing! Beautiful photo!


  3. I stumbled on your blog by clicking 'next blog'. I've always been fascinated by Newfoundland and your photos are just beautiful! :)