Friday, January 22, 2010

Bay view Pictures

These pictures are looking out from Corner Brook into the Humber Arm. The steam is rising from the Corner Brook papermill where I work. The bay just started to "catch" as they say here this week with the very cold temperatures.

The ice is abit late this year as we have had a mild winter with only small amounts of snow. Corner Brook has a population of approximately 25,000 in and around the surrounding areas. It is a beautiful place with mountains older than the rockies, clear lakes and brooks and wonderous forests; all within 10 minutes.

The seals have moved into the harbour and here is one basking on the ice outside of the fish plant in Curling and only a few feet from Marine Drive.


  1. Julie,
    I love it when you show photos of your area! Can't get enough! Let me know what kind of binding you decide to put on your NL rug. I didn't mean to scare people away from whipping edges(my post yesterday) just my personal preference. I have seen some poorly whipped edges and know that it has to be done with great care. You do such fabulous and meticulous work that whatever way you choose is sure to be great! Sounds like we have an ice storm coming our way......that should be interesting... Blessings today and always sweet Julie! Cathy G

  2. Beautiful scenery, Julie!

    So sorry I missed your last quiz! :( I'm sure you have more words for us!

  3. Oh Julie.......what wonderful pictures! I agree with Cathy that it's such a treat when you share photos of your beautiful surroundings.