Sunday, November 27, 2011

Maddy's Off and Running!

Here is the beginning of the portrait of Maddy. I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but here goes! I am following a coloured photo I took of Maddy last winter on the deck looking cute as a button.

The weather has been up and down, some days snow and cold, the next, rain and melting snow. Well, I guess that's winter in the North Atlantic.

Hard to believe that Christmas is less than one month away. The stores are starting to be so crowded and almost impossible. Imagine, in one month, it will be all over, except the bills!

I am not a "bah humbug person" but I hate how commercial Christmas has become. I guess it is up to we, the people, to make it less commercial and more about enjoying time with friends and family.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Finished and Started!

Autumn Trio is now complete and it is quite nice, if I do say so myself.

And what comes after one hooked rug project? Of course, more rug hooking projects. This is the one that I am working on with my Day Job group and we picked pets. Here is Maddy and this should be a real demonstration of how many values of brown I can get into one mat!

The weather has been quite mild up to yesterday and for now, we have had a touch of snow which I am sure is only a sampling of things to come.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sad Ending!

This picture makes me very sad. Two glorious ferries beached side by side waiting their turn to be made into scrap in Alang, India. The Caribou and the Smallwood were only 25 years old and in the life of a monster ferry, that isn't even middle age.

These two Ladies of the North Atlantic which were built in Quebec, were replaced by two new super ferries, the Blue Putee and the Highlander, and were sold to the highest bidder who decided they are worth more in scrap that in transportation ability.

I spent many a crossing on these ferries, always feeling safe despite the rolling, brutal North Atlantic or the thickness of the ice crushing against their sides in the middle of the night.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Newfoundland Connection!

Catholic Church in North River on the Avalon Penisula where Mrs. Carroll is buried.

I have been coming to Newfoundland for almost 20 years before becoming a resident. I am known to islanders as a "Come from Away" and while, it isn't meant to be rude, it just means I am from somewhere else.

One time,I asked someone, how long do you have to live here before that term is inapplicable. I was told until you have someone buried in Newfoundland.

For years, I have heard my dear Mother talk about a relative who lived in Newfoundland until she was 115 years old. But didn't know much about her, just a last name, Mrs. Carroll. On CBC yesterday, while listening to the CBC celebration, they played a tape of a Mrs. Carroll being interviewed by Joey Smallwood on her 113th birthday.

After a short search in I found this information;

The Oldest Resident
Born on October 21, 1828, Mrs. Ellen Carroll lived til December 8, 1943 when she died where she had been born in North River at the tender age of 115 years, 7 weeks.

In addition to her being Newfoundland's oldest resident, Mrs. Carroll is also known for her radio broadcast debut on the night of October 19, 1940 in celebration of her 113th birthday. Mr. J.R. Smallwood choreographed the broadcast and the following dignitaries were in attendance: Honourable Sir John C. Puddester, Vice-Chairman of the Commission of Government and Commissioner for Public Health and Welfare. Greeting were sent by the Queen and King, and His Excellency Governor and Lady Walwyn, as well telegrams were sent from the Bishop of Newfoundland, the President of the United Church, the Mayor of St. John's and Captain Bob Bartlett.

Mrs. Carroll in her lifetime had witnessed many changes in her community, province and country. For example, there had been rule by Governor, Representative Government, Amalgamated Government, Responsible Government, and Commission Government and when she was in her fifties the Dominion of Canada was formed. The first railway was built when Mrs. Carroll was in her early sixties.

I am not sure how or where the connection is, but now, I can honestly, say I am not longer a Come From Away!