Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mat Progress

I had a lovely, restful weekend. The weather wasn't great and we went from air conditioning on Friday to heat on Saturday and back to warm today.

I was able to work on the View from My Window and it is shaping up quite well. Only the sun and the sky to finish and then, of course, the border. I have really enjoyed this one!

Friday, May 27, 2011

We are Lucky in NL

This beautiful picture was taken by a fellow blogger who lives in Texas. It is last night's sky after all the storms; beautiful and frightening all at the same time.

We are lucky in NL I suppose. It isn't that we don't have bad weather, storms, winds and the like, it is just that we always expect them, prepare for them and are quite happy when they don't happen at all.

Another thing, is that most NLers are all prepared and can be self sufficient without water and electricity etc. Afterall, we are parked out in the North Atlantic, all by ourselves and can be cut off so quickly from the rest of Canada.

My thoughts go out to all the people affected by weather and fires.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hitch Hiker!

I never pick up hitchhikers...well, unless I know them. Henry is the last of our cockatiels; Mom had two--Alfie and Sam, and I had three--Henry, Simon and Lily. Henry is the last of them and he is 16 years old which in bird terms, must be old.

Henry hitched a ride back to the island so that Mom is free to travel later in the summer. This little bird has travelled more miles than most people and he is a great traveller. He has a nice compact travelling accommodations and sits on his perch looking down the highway on moose patrol. He can say a few words like "hello pepper" (Pepper was our oldest schnauzer) and "come on, come on". He whistles like a professional.

Henry used to be my bird but now, is claimed by Mom who misses him more than us. (just kidding, Mom!.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


and after

What started out as a simple task of replacing a bathroom sink has become a task of many sub tasks. First, it isn't easy replacing a silver grey bathroom sink without a large price tag. But luckily while we were away, we were able to obtain a grey sink at a reasonable amount. Yesterday morning, we decided to go ahead with the replacement only to find out, that it wasn't the same shape as the original, so a new counter would be in order. Off to the hardware store and after much discussion, a black slate counter was decided on.

Now, a very vertically challenged person had put in the bathroom originally, so when you were brushing your teeth etc, you would have to bend over to get closer to the sink. So seeing we were installing a new counter, we may as well raise it at the same time. It took most of the day but here is the semi final result.

I say "semi final" because we still have to;

1) Put on the iron on side piece
2) Get a new mirror
3) New curtains
4) Using caulking on the edges
5) Paint the new piece of wood to raise the counter
6) Paint the bathroom
7) Finish decluttering the drawers etc.

The moral of the story is there is no such thing as a simple job when it comes to home renovations!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Where have you been?

Well, I have been on vacation. To Montreal, Toronto and back again. The new ferries to the island are quite spectacular in size and amenities. I was even able to stop and shop at Deanne's!

It was a lovely two weeks of mostly great weather and wonderful visits with family, especially my dear Mother, who continues to amaze me!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Completed Project!

Here is Maureen's completed project. This is the themed project that our rug hooking group was doing together. It had to be 50% tee shirt material, contain a buiding, flowers, a tree and a novelty border. Maureen is the first one of the group to complete her project and of course, what a job!

Maureen has moved away to another province but continue to work on the group project.