Monday, September 5, 2011

Mat Progress

As usual, I was saying this weekend as P and I put away the hot tub, didn't we just put this out? Time flies by alittle faster as each year goes by.

It was a nice long weekend, with visits to family members, barbeques and abit of hooking on Cathy's mat. I used Kim's idea of a little dash of contrast on the birds as if there is moonlight. I decided to make the third and final pumpkin, a Halloween pumpkin with a face. It looks odd right now, as I stopped hooking it to take the picture. We shall see how it works as it goes along.

One day of work at the Day Job tomorrow and then, off for the rest of September. Hooray!

Friday, September 2, 2011


This beautiful picture was taken by Sharon from Newfoundland. She is an talented photographer and I often see her photos on facebook.

I can feel the silent strength of this great raptor as it looks up from his meal. If you look closely, there are feathers on the ground under the eagle's perch. Previous meals, I guess. The cruel truth of nature.

And so, it is Labour Day weekend, and the summer although not officially over, always feels over.

Have a wonderful weekend filled with things that make you contented.