Friday, February 26, 2010

Donation Update!

This is the heading from the Bay of Islands SPCA website. I received an update from Evelyn Hancock and they are selling tickets on the Icons of Newfoundland like hotcakes.

One lady ordered 100 tickets which are being sent to Ontario! Imagine my delight this morning to get this information and the response my project!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Change is Good?

Change is good for the most part; however, change can be frighteningly uncomfortable. Yesterday, fifteen more non union employees were terminated and there were quite a few of these employees whom I call my friends.

I am keeping grounded for the most part and find that change is good but that without routines in our lives, we can feel lost and yet, maybe even free. What did those people feel like this morning when they woke up and didn't have their Day Job to worry about/complain about or look forward to?

It is kind of like having a sandwich without the usual condiments. It is interesting but certainly, not the same.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring has sprung?

The first picture was looking east in my garden February 2009 and the second picture roughly, the same shot but one year later.

Needless to say, we on the snow capital of NL, haven't had any snow to speak of this year. One February about four years ago, it snowed at least 5 cm or more, for 26 days straight in February! There was alot of snow shovelling that year for sure considering there was only 28 days in the month!

I was out at lunch today and it is beautiful, sunny and warm. Birds are chirping, trees are starting to awaken and I bet that under the scant bit of snow on the garden, life is being again.

Could it be that spring has sprung?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Communal Project

While in St. John's, I was able to participate in a community rug hooking project. Here is a picture of Bobbi and I working on the Penny Rug.

I am not sure of the actual dimensions but as you can see, it is quite large. The primary colour of the rug is green with a rust/brown background. I completed two circles and left my comments in the rug diary.

It is uncertain what the destiny of this rug is but I am sure it will find an appropriate home.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back from the Capital City!

Well, we arrived back without any weather related travelling glitches, safe and sound. In between medical appointments, we were able to enjoy some of the sights and sounds of NL's capital city.

In some ways, it is just a city but down by the waterfront, it is a snapshot of days gone by. The colourful wooden homes, the tiny streets and the absolutely gorgeous Victorian homes of the fishocracy. For those of you who took the latest NL Quiz, you will already know what this word means.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Answers to the NL Quiz.

Well, Cathy and Kim, thanks for the definitions and of course, the great chuckle. I think I enjoy these quiz's more than you do.


1) Mauzey: A damp, warm misty or foggy day.

2) Hipper: A bent nail used to as a makeshift button for your suspenders or pants.

3) Adikey: This is the Inuk parka or outer coat.

4) Fishocracy: The mercantiles of St. John's engaged in the export of codfish.

5) Komatik: A long sled used in Labrador.

Thanks again! I will be off to St. John's for awhile so hopefully, won't be gone too long before another post. I won't forget to take my camera for some pictures along the way.

I may even attend a rug hooking group, you never know.

Friday, February 12, 2010

NL Quiz Day!

I am digging hard now, for more NL words and of course, can't wait for some of the responses. (Especially, Kim and Cathy)

Here we go.

1) Mauzey

2) Hipper

3) Adikey

4) Fishocracy

5) Komatik

Good Luck!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

All the Things British!

I love all things British. From Coronation Street,to the accents, to the sounds of London life, I love it all.

Lately, on Sunday, I watch another British show called "Come Dine With Me.". It is a group of five people who are unknown to each other,and have a turn at preparing a meal and serving to the others. They are then, graded on their meal, their serving style, entertainment etc. The winner wins 1000.00 pounds and of course, bragging rights.

The other night I came home to a wonderful meal of chicken marsala and fettucine which P had prepared, borrowing the recipe from last week's Come Dine With Me.

It was a gorgeous meal and a delightful surprise. I wonder what's for dinner tonight?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This picture was sent to me and it is of the Canso Causeway during Friday's storm. I have travelled back and forth to the island in all kinds of weather and that picture does bring back some memories and not all of them, good.

I am heading to St. John's next week and it is about this time, I started watching the Weather network for hours at a time. Gauging the weather in Newfoundland can be very difficult at times, especially during the winter.

It reminds me to take your time and be prepared. Somewhat like life's lessons.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Project!

Well, after quite the day of mini celebrity status, I am back down to earth and working on the new project; Hearts and Flowers.

Everyone at work commenting on the article in the Western Star. You have to remember how small Corner Brook is, and that everyone reads the newspaper daily. Lots of comments about my beautiful Icons of NL and its destiny as a fundraiser.

Hearts and Flowers is a 22 x 38 mat which I adapted from one of my rug hooking books. I like the simpleness of it and am completing it in primarily wool yarns.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Article in the Western Star!

Crafting for a cause; Rug hooking donated to SPCA for fundraiser

The Western Star

This rug hooking created by Julie M. has been donated to the SPCA for its fundraising drive.

Julie M. has found a way to turn one of her hobbies into a charitable act for the SPCA.

Julie M, an occupational health nurse at the Corner Brook mill who loves animals, took up the craft of rug hooking about a year ago, and is donating a large wall hanging to be raffled by the SPCA.

The funds raised from the raffle, which will include various pieces from other individuals, will go toward the new SPCA building and will also help to keep the business going strong in the meantime.

Julie M. is self-taught and, after completing numerous smaller projects, decided to tackle the large 32-by-39-inch wall hanging, which took her about six months to finish.

The pattern, “Icons of Newfoundland,” is an original design by Anne Kirby, a resident of Lord’s Cove. It depicts many symbols that represent the province, including the Newfoundland dog, a lighthouse, a seal, a Canadian goose, a moose and the Newfoundland flag.

“The rug is actually 12 little rugs within one large rug,” said Julie M. “All the little icons come together in one piece to represent us as Newfoundlanders.”

Julie M. said it was an article printed in The Western Star that got her interested in rug hooking.

“I thought it seemed like an interesting new craft so I decided to give it a try,” she said.

Despite begin a beginner, Julie M. said that it didn’t take her long to master the craft because, once she started, it felt completely natural to her.

“The minute I put the hook in my hand it felt like I have been doing this all of my life,” said Julie M. “I just thought it was going to be an awesome hobby and that I would continue to pursue it.”

Because she is self-taught, Julie M. is not sure she is doing it the same way as everyone else. All that matters to her though, is that the crafts she completes look good when they are finished.

“I have a lot of friends who have become interested in it and would like me to help them,” said Julie M. “I am not sure if I am doing it the right way or not but either way I am achieving it.”

Julie M. has her own blog where she discusses rug hooking with other people all over the world who are interested in the craft.

Donating the wall hanging to the SPCA was an easy decision to make, said Julie M, because the organization is always doing positive things for animals that need help.

“I really believe that we all need to be the keepers of our pets,” said Julie M, “Certainly in this community we can see that the SPCA does need a new building and that they have been looking around for sources of funding. I thought that, with my keen interest in animals, it would just be a natural progression for me to donate the wall hanging to Evelyn Hancock and the SPCA.”

Evelyn Hancock of the SPCA said the money from this raffle will be combined
with money from other fundraisers for the organization.

“We are trying to do all of these fundraisers in order to start this new shelter fund, and we need to keep the shelter doors open,” said Hancock.

Hancock said she is grateful for Julie M’s generous donation and anticipates it will be a great help.

“I think it is excellent,” said Hancock. “I always knew she was an animal lover, both her and her partner. She has been in touch wanting to do something for a while. When she took up this project, it really turned out beautiful.”

Julie M, who has already gotten started on her next project, hopes that the wall hanging she donated will help to bring a good amount of money to the SPCA.

“I certainly hope that I can help raise money,” said Julie M. “I wanted to give them a hand with their fundraising and I hope to see them very soon in their new home.”

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Beautiful Morning

One morning last week on the way to the shower, I took this quick picture as the morning was unfolding in the most beautiful way. Like a flower tempting us with promises and things to come.

I have found that digital cameras are just wonderful for the way you can take pictures and post them on your blog or to send to family. It is absolutely amazing how wonderful technology has brought us along in the past few years.

Nice calm weekend with about 10 cm. of snow, just enough to produce beautiful pictures but not enough for a snow day.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life Goes On!

Well, our eight unions have accepted the first of five concessions; a 10% pay cut and life goes on in Corner Brook.

I am currently working on my new rug project called Hearts and Flowers which is rather appropriate for Valentine's Day and the welcoming back of spring. I will post a picture on the weekend.

Arrangements are being made finally for the fate of the Icons Of Newfoundland's and by now, you know that it is going to be donated for a fund raiser. I am going to be interviewed by the Western Star tomorrow and all will be revealed.

I wonder if the head line will be, Nurse by day, hooker by night?

Monday, February 1, 2010


The Icons of Newfoundland all completed into a wall hanging. I sewed on the tabs and had to steam it one more time but I think it is beautiful.

I am on to the next project which is a small rug 22 x 38 and should have it all drawn onto the burlap by this evening, so I will post a picture. It is a simple pattern but still haven't decided on the colour scheme.

As a fibre artist who is quite challenged in the drawing department, I have learned how to make the most of a variety of software and computer programs. So with my scanner, tracing paper and a trial version of Rapid Resizer, it is nearing completion.