Monday, February 8, 2010

Article in the Western Star!

Crafting for a cause; Rug hooking donated to SPCA for fundraiser

The Western Star

This rug hooking created by Julie M. has been donated to the SPCA for its fundraising drive.

Julie M. has found a way to turn one of her hobbies into a charitable act for the SPCA.

Julie M, an occupational health nurse at the Corner Brook mill who loves animals, took up the craft of rug hooking about a year ago, and is donating a large wall hanging to be raffled by the SPCA.

The funds raised from the raffle, which will include various pieces from other individuals, will go toward the new SPCA building and will also help to keep the business going strong in the meantime.

Julie M. is self-taught and, after completing numerous smaller projects, decided to tackle the large 32-by-39-inch wall hanging, which took her about six months to finish.

The pattern, “Icons of Newfoundland,” is an original design by Anne Kirby, a resident of Lord’s Cove. It depicts many symbols that represent the province, including the Newfoundland dog, a lighthouse, a seal, a Canadian goose, a moose and the Newfoundland flag.

“The rug is actually 12 little rugs within one large rug,” said Julie M. “All the little icons come together in one piece to represent us as Newfoundlanders.”

Julie M. said it was an article printed in The Western Star that got her interested in rug hooking.

“I thought it seemed like an interesting new craft so I decided to give it a try,” she said.

Despite begin a beginner, Julie M. said that it didn’t take her long to master the craft because, once she started, it felt completely natural to her.

“The minute I put the hook in my hand it felt like I have been doing this all of my life,” said Julie M. “I just thought it was going to be an awesome hobby and that I would continue to pursue it.”

Because she is self-taught, Julie M. is not sure she is doing it the same way as everyone else. All that matters to her though, is that the crafts she completes look good when they are finished.

“I have a lot of friends who have become interested in it and would like me to help them,” said Julie M. “I am not sure if I am doing it the right way or not but either way I am achieving it.”

Julie M. has her own blog where she discusses rug hooking with other people all over the world who are interested in the craft.

Donating the wall hanging to the SPCA was an easy decision to make, said Julie M, because the organization is always doing positive things for animals that need help.

“I really believe that we all need to be the keepers of our pets,” said Julie M, “Certainly in this community we can see that the SPCA does need a new building and that they have been looking around for sources of funding. I thought that, with my keen interest in animals, it would just be a natural progression for me to donate the wall hanging to Evelyn Hancock and the SPCA.”

Evelyn Hancock of the SPCA said the money from this raffle will be combined
with money from other fundraisers for the organization.

“We are trying to do all of these fundraisers in order to start this new shelter fund, and we need to keep the shelter doors open,” said Hancock.

Hancock said she is grateful for Julie M’s generous donation and anticipates it will be a great help.

“I think it is excellent,” said Hancock. “I always knew she was an animal lover, both her and her partner. She has been in touch wanting to do something for a while. When she took up this project, it really turned out beautiful.”

Julie M, who has already gotten started on her next project, hopes that the wall hanging she donated will help to bring a good amount of money to the SPCA.

“I certainly hope that I can help raise money,” said Julie M. “I wanted to give them a hand with their fundraising and I hope to see them very soon in their new home.”


  1. Julie,
    What a great story. This rug is beautiful and will raise a ton of money to help the SPCA. Great job! Keep us posted on the event.

  2. Wow Julie!
    What a great article and what a great cause! You "done" rug hookers everywhere proud! Self taught is the best IMHO. I didn't know Anne Kirby designed the rug. I'm sure you stated it somewhere in your blog. I want to donate something to our local shelter too and this has inspired me girl! Great job! Cathy G

  3. What a wonderful cause! I hope your beautiful hooking skills create lots of money! The article was lovely.

    I made a tiny start on my rug. I did a flower and it was challenging to work in a tiny circle! My loops are not too consistent but neither were my stitches when I first started knitting. Practice makes perfect! (I hope)

  4. A great cause and a beautiful rug. I hope you make a ton of money for the SPCA!

  5. Beautiful work and write-up, Julie...Thanks for mentioning my name. As a matter of fact, my sister-in-law and a cousin who lives in Corner Brook let me know about the story. Pretty impressive. Hope you raise lots of money for such a worthy cause. You are very kind to donate this... I love the way it turned out with the binding, etc...Keep up the good work

  6. Julie,

    The chaos of living has put me behind in my blog reading, so am just finding out about this whole media frenzy today. Kudos to you - for the article - for the donation - for all of it. You should be extremely proud. Time for bigger hats, I fear.



  7. Julie,

    Wow! I am really impressed with the rug. It is gorgeous!