Monday, February 1, 2010


The Icons of Newfoundland all completed into a wall hanging. I sewed on the tabs and had to steam it one more time but I think it is beautiful.

I am on to the next project which is a small rug 22 x 38 and should have it all drawn onto the burlap by this evening, so I will post a picture. It is a simple pattern but still haven't decided on the colour scheme.

As a fibre artist who is quite challenged in the drawing department, I have learned how to make the most of a variety of software and computer programs. So with my scanner, tracing paper and a trial version of Rapid Resizer, it is nearing completion.


  1. It really is gorgeous. When are you going to tell us the lucky charity to benefit from it??

  2. Hi Kim

    Yes, I am making the arrangements this week and hoping to get a mention in our local paper. More to come.

  3. This is beautiful--all the things you love about your home. Great job!

  4. That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.