Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This picture was sent to me and it is of the Canso Causeway during Friday's storm. I have travelled back and forth to the island in all kinds of weather and that picture does bring back some memories and not all of them, good.

I am heading to St. John's next week and it is about this time, I started watching the Weather network for hours at a time. Gauging the weather in Newfoundland can be very difficult at times, especially during the winter.

It reminds me to take your time and be prepared. Somewhat like life's lessons.


  1. Julie why haven't they built up a wall to protect drivers from the see spray?

  2. That's an old pic of a storm at the Canso Causeway. I have that pic on my video from August 2007

  3. Apparently, it is from Friday's storm. It was sent to me by a friend.

  4. That photograph is beatiful. It is hard to imagine being in that van on the edge of the water. A whole new way of thinking about waves.