Thursday, February 11, 2010

All the Things British!

I love all things British. From Coronation Street,to the accents, to the sounds of London life, I love it all.

Lately, on Sunday, I watch another British show called "Come Dine With Me.". It is a group of five people who are unknown to each other,and have a turn at preparing a meal and serving to the others. They are then, graded on their meal, their serving style, entertainment etc. The winner wins 1000.00 pounds and of course, bragging rights.

The other night I came home to a wonderful meal of chicken marsala and fettucine which P had prepared, borrowing the recipe from last week's Come Dine With Me.

It was a gorgeous meal and a delightful surprise. I wonder what's for dinner tonight?


  1. I just started watching that show too and Love it. It can be hysterical like the week the hostess went to bed and left her guests alone and they had to cook the meal themselves!!

  2. Sounds divine! Is that show on BBC? I love cooking shows....and anything marsala!

  3. I didn't see that one...what a hoot! No, Tammy it is on W I think.

  4. What is it about the British? I love the accent and the humor! I'll have to see if we get that one on cable. (thanks for your sweet comments on my blog Julie........what would I do without my "group" here in blog land!!! You are right, I have learned so much from my friends here and the forums too! Cathy G

  5. Julie,
    I just read about your rug appraisal on Anne's blog. WAY TO GO GIRL!!!

  6. I love British "stuff", too, Julie. I watched "Are You Being Served"????or something to that effect some years ago and I thought it was hilarious. Not sure if it is on anymore. I'll have to see if I can find "Come Dine With Me".
    Thanks for mentioning it....

  7. Hello from the U.K! (blagging on the fact of just read your posts lol) I'm from Boston in Lincolnshire (east of england)If your ever over here you must visit the counties of Devon, Dorset and Cornwall. All along the south west coast. beautifull! And you never know if the planets are aligned in just the right manner, the sun might shine!