Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring has sprung?

The first picture was looking east in my garden February 2009 and the second picture roughly, the same shot but one year later.

Needless to say, we on the snow capital of NL, haven't had any snow to speak of this year. One February about four years ago, it snowed at least 5 cm or more, for 26 days straight in February! There was alot of snow shovelling that year for sure considering there was only 28 days in the month!

I was out at lunch today and it is beautiful, sunny and warm. Birds are chirping, trees are starting to awaken and I bet that under the scant bit of snow on the garden, life is being again.

Could it be that spring has sprung?


  1. Uh Julie,
    Think you could send some of that weather down here?! We're still freezing and running out of fire wood soon! Cathy G

  2. The sun is out in NS today too. First time for a looong while. It feels great - I almost didn't recognize that bright yellow thing in the sky.

  3. Beautiful, here in Lord's Cove, too, today. Marvellous weather. Sure hope the snow doesn't decide to arrive in March......

  4. Great day here also, gives us hope that Spring is coming.

  5. Julie, we are about to be dumped on big time tomorrow and Friday. They are calling it a "Snowicane" because of the hurricane force winds. Will it make it up your way I wonder?

  6. Hi Lynne

    No storm expected here as our high pressure weather is keeping all the storms away.

    But then, March can be a weird month, weatherwise.