Friday, February 12, 2010

NL Quiz Day!

I am digging hard now, for more NL words and of course, can't wait for some of the responses. (Especially, Kim and Cathy)

Here we go.

1) Mauzey

2) Hipper

3) Adikey

4) Fishocracy

5) Komatik

Good Luck!


  1. Julie, thanks for your response to my question but I don't know who this person is that you mentioned. Is there a website I could check out. I was out thrifting yesterday and came across a hook without the latch, I bet that was the right one. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you have another surprise dinner.

  2. OK, Brace yourself...I'm in one of those moods! LOL

    Mauzey - On a hot humid summer day, after laying under a tree and drinking a few too many beer, I feel very mauzey!

    Hipper - A cool cat. Fedora, bell bottoms, suede fringed jacket and he thinks he is soooo stylish!

    Adikey - OK I can't say it out loud without a fit of giggles so you can imagine my guess!

    Fishocracy - the Federal govt fisheries strategy?

    Komatik - 1st guess a small flea who fell and hit his head hard and landed in a coma. But seriously, I think its a sled.

    FUN! Thanks, Kim

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Not in my best thinking mode but I'll give er a try.

    Mauzey- a hair color particularly someone in need of a dye job

    Hipper- (can't get Kim's guy out of my mind) LOL but here's my guess, a baby hippopotamus .

    Adikey-Thought better of it then deleted my comment ( told you my brain is in slow mode today)

    Fishocracy- What the Republicans are trying to pull off by having Sarah Palin as their spokesperson( probably get kicked off here for that one too)

    Komatik- Seriously, the state of Sarah Palin's brain( okay, I'm waaaay outa here now, no doubt about it!) If there are Sarah Palin lovers reading this can I redeem myself by saying that she is nice looking?

    I hope I won't be banned from any further word games Julie. They are fun! Cathy G