Saturday, February 13, 2010

Answers to the NL Quiz.

Well, Cathy and Kim, thanks for the definitions and of course, the great chuckle. I think I enjoy these quiz's more than you do.


1) Mauzey: A damp, warm misty or foggy day.

2) Hipper: A bent nail used to as a makeshift button for your suspenders or pants.

3) Adikey: This is the Inuk parka or outer coat.

4) Fishocracy: The mercantiles of St. John's engaged in the export of codfish.

5) Komatik: A long sled used in Labrador.

Thanks again! I will be off to St. John's for awhile so hopefully, won't be gone too long before another post. I won't forget to take my camera for some pictures along the way.

I may even attend a rug hooking group, you never know.


  1. Darn it! I missed another one! I am so stealing that word "Mauzey". Describes it perfectly. I would never have come close on any of them. Do this again, please and I will try to arrive on the day you start!

    Hope you're getting some weather up there finally. I think the weather pattern has turned around to the north now!

  2. I love the word "mauzey"...will try to work that into my vocabulary!
    Here's one for you....lauwzy....southern for Lord a mercy!