Monday, March 10, 2008

Commuting Stories

I commute everyday to work. By far, it is the easiest commute ever and certainly, the shortest. First, let me tell you about the commutes I used to do daily. No matter what way I went, it could be up to two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. Stuck in highway traffic, smelling fumes of the thousands of other commuters. Boring, grey buildings and blurred, equally bored faces. Truly, wasted hours spent on highways.

Now, my commute is less than 30 minutes. A handful of other commuters and the best scenery in the world. Beautiful bays and coves, bald eagles and if I am lucky and careful, a couple of playful porposies putting on a show of dives and jumps. I even recognize the faces that pass me on the opposite side of the road everyday around the same time. I don't know what they could be thinking. I almost want to wave at them in happy recognition. I daresay, they might think I am abit balmy, but then, they wouldn't understand how happy my commute is, if you compare it, to what it was in the past.

Happy Commuting to us all!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Tales of Tails and other sad stories

I have been watching a dog die a slow and sad death. I don' t even know the dog's name or if it is a male or female. While no one has run over this dog or killed it by some other horrible means, it has had a life of terrible cruelty.

Every day or so, I would pass this medium sized dog tethered to a dog house by a short chain of about 5-6 feet. A quiet dog, not asking for anything and not even raising its head to see who I was or that I was interested in it. Some days, when it was bitterly cold and snowing, all I could see of him was a lump of snow and frost on the ground beside the dog house. Other days, he would be standing on unsteady legs looking towards the house, as if someone was going to come out and pay attention to him.

Over the years, he became more fragile and sad looking, with his coat long, dirty and unkept. The dog house with a dirt floor and not even a light bulb to keep him a bit warm. On rainy days, he was there, cold and wet and lying in the mud. His caretakers, if that's what you could call them, did feed him and give him water but they couldn't have given him any love, or they wouldn't have left him there, alone and sad.

I looked for him each and everytime I drove by. And the last 3-4 days, he hasn't been there. I know in my heart that he is gone. All that remains of this dog is some dirty snow, where he once laid there, waiting, waiting for the inevitable call of a time when he wouldn't wake up or when the caretakers took him to the vet to be put down.

His people, the caretakers would have cried and said how they loved him so much. But how could they and treat him so badly. I can only hope for a special hell for people who abuse animals; and make no mistake, this was abuse. I can only hope that they do not get another dog. I don't think I could bear years of watching another dog go through the agony.
I give Maddy an extra hug and kiss when I think of him and hope that he is indeed, in a better place.
This is our little angel, Maddy Mae Brown.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Winter in the East Coast.

It has been an unbelievable winter. They call in an old fashioned winter but I am not so sure that it(the weather) isn't being manipulated by some secret power. Anyway, on my dining room table, there are peat pots filled with little tiny seedlings. A promise of things to come in my East Coast garden.

Seeds are alittle intimidating at first. A suitcase of things to come, or things that will never be. Looking back at all the springs that I have paraded to the nursery on the May 24th weekend to bring home pots of geraniums, petunias, impatients and the like. Thinking that next year, I won't be spending so much money on plants; instead, I will start them from seed. How hard can it be??

Here's the truth: It isn't as easy as I thought! I can say that in the confines of my blog, my space. I wouldn't tell anyone else that; I say that it is a matter of effort and planning which it is but so much more than that is entailed. There is the seeds that never sprout, or seedlings that sag down becoming too spindly to bear their own weight. Then, there are the seeds that overpower their pots and have to be transplanted every week.

There is some pride in me when at last, these little fellows taking over my dining room table can finally be taken outside. Pride in that it is I, I who gave life to green things. Pride in each of my green thumbs.

Well, that's what I am thinking about today: things to come and of my East Coast garden, my joy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cabin Fever!

I have cabin fever today. I am so tired on the snow and cold that even a story about Britney Spears or Amy Winehouse looks interesting. Let's face it, the media has been having great fun driving these two pop divas over the Bipolar edge. Anything to keep the masses occupied and not thinking about larger, more important issues like global warming, the war in Iraq, oil prices, water and food shortages, the primaries in the US, subprime mortgage collapse, the fall of the stock market, on and on, I could go.

He who controls the media, controls the world!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Whales At Risk

On the way home last night, I heard a news story that brought tears to my eyes. The Japanese are killing whales for "scientific" reasons. A 1000 whales to be slaughtered and basically, it is to be eaten. A Minke calf and her mother were part of this "scientific" Japanese horror story.

Whales at one time could be considered a food source. At a time, when the Inuit and other aboriginal clans were alone in North America, the Creator showed them to respect the animals that sustained their lives. Then, the White Eyes showed up and the respect for animals and Mother Earth was gone and in it's place, greed and capitalism. We see the attitude of here today, gone tomorrow existence with all of Mother Earth's bounties.

Are whales the canary in the mine? Their numbers so low now, with pollution and their habitats destroyed by shipping vessels, how long will they even exist in the world? And now, the Japanese being allowed by the world community to deplete their numbers by 1000 and killing mothers with their calves?

I think we should all be very ashamed of ourselves for standing back and saying nothing. In this tiny world of my blog, I can only hope that someone else thinks that this is a horrible situation being allowed to happen. When we will learn that we are here to protect this planet and all that's in it.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

February 7, 2008

Why did I start a blog anyway?

In my research of blogging, I found millions of blogs and just as many reasons for having them. I have things to share, stories to tell, just like everyone else. I probably even have axes to grind.

There are so many things wrong with the world as it is today. Most of us don't realize how we are being manipulated by governments, both large and small. How our every move is anticipated by those same governments. If anyone reads any of my posts, I would strongly suggest that you start listening to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. Find the Affilates on the Coast to Coast website and listen on your computer. You will find out things that you have never even thought about; the Bilderburg Group, for instance. Some of it is silly, but most often, this show has an element of truth.

This is my first blog post. This is Js World and I am J.