Friday, February 8, 2008

Whales At Risk

On the way home last night, I heard a news story that brought tears to my eyes. The Japanese are killing whales for "scientific" reasons. A 1000 whales to be slaughtered and basically, it is to be eaten. A Minke calf and her mother were part of this "scientific" Japanese horror story.

Whales at one time could be considered a food source. At a time, when the Inuit and other aboriginal clans were alone in North America, the Creator showed them to respect the animals that sustained their lives. Then, the White Eyes showed up and the respect for animals and Mother Earth was gone and in it's place, greed and capitalism. We see the attitude of here today, gone tomorrow existence with all of Mother Earth's bounties.

Are whales the canary in the mine? Their numbers so low now, with pollution and their habitats destroyed by shipping vessels, how long will they even exist in the world? And now, the Japanese being allowed by the world community to deplete their numbers by 1000 and killing mothers with their calves?

I think we should all be very ashamed of ourselves for standing back and saying nothing. In this tiny world of my blog, I can only hope that someone else thinks that this is a horrible situation being allowed to happen. When we will learn that we are here to protect this planet and all that's in it.

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