Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hitch Hiker!

I never pick up hitchhikers...well, unless I know them. Henry is the last of our cockatiels; Mom had two--Alfie and Sam, and I had three--Henry, Simon and Lily. Henry is the last of them and he is 16 years old which in bird terms, must be old.

Henry hitched a ride back to the island so that Mom is free to travel later in the summer. This little bird has travelled more miles than most people and he is a great traveller. He has a nice compact travelling accommodations and sits on his perch looking down the highway on moose patrol. He can say a few words like "hello pepper" (Pepper was our oldest schnauzer) and "come on, come on". He whistles like a professional.

Henry used to be my bird but now, is claimed by Mom who misses him more than us. (just kidding, Mom!.

1 comment:

  1. He looks so precious. I used to live with a African parrot, Ariel, and she was a tiny little thing with a huge personality. The bond with a bird is just as strong as with a cat or a dog.
    He seems to have had a interesting life too.