Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sad Ending!

This picture makes me very sad. Two glorious ferries beached side by side waiting their turn to be made into scrap in Alang, India. The Caribou and the Smallwood were only 25 years old and in the life of a monster ferry, that isn't even middle age.

These two Ladies of the North Atlantic which were built in Quebec, were replaced by two new super ferries, the Blue Putee and the Highlander, and were sold to the highest bidder who decided they are worth more in scrap that in transportation ability.

I spent many a crossing on these ferries, always feeling safe despite the rolling, brutal North Atlantic or the thickness of the ice crushing against their sides in the middle of the night.


  1. Why do there have to be super ferries? Why can't we be content with the smaller ferry, the smaller market, the smaller bookstore...I could go on and on. Why is bigger supposed to be better? I agree...so sad.

  2. It is sad that two working ferries get scraped for ones that may not be better. My boyfriend is from Bona Vista NFLD and he also has traveled many times on these two ferries.
    I agree with Courtney, bigger is not always better unless their is chocolate involved. LOL