Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010!

This is my first work day of the new decade and I am still wondering where the time went.

My hope for this year in fibre-arts to refine my skill at rughooking and of course, to complete any projects once started. I am currently working on the final icon for the NL rug; it is a Newfoundland dog and then, the top banner.

I am looking ahead at the type of finishes for this rug and am leaning towards a wall mount. Once completed, the NL mat will find a home and I am thinking in terms of donating it to an appropriate cause.

Any suggestions?


  1. Great idea. How about a local animal shelter?

  2. Hi, Julie!

    Just wanted to let you know that my blog blew up in September, and the feed that you have linked in your blog roll no longer works. :( If you'd like to link to the link I've included here, it should work again.

    Still reading you over here in New Brunswick! Hook on! :)

  3. Julie,
    In our area there are auctions, benefits, etc held by the Humane Society where you can donate art work etc. Maybe some other charities also like the shelters for homeless etc. I think that's great you would do that! Cathy G

  4. Hi Julie, You said it: "time sure flies". "They" say as you get older, the time goes faster and I am believing that these days...

    Wow, you are donating your rug--- good person. I sorta lean toward the animal shelters; whoever you donate it to, I'm sure, will appreciate it. I just donated one to our Cemetery Committee and they are selling tickets on it this month. Sure hope they do well with it.