Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Resolve to Pay it Forward

I don't make resolutions but this is a special year for me and I wanted to do something to highlight my appreciation of life itself.

I am going to take on a "Pay It Forward" Challenge with a twist. Pay It Forward is a kind of a pyramid scheme in which a favour given to one recipent is paid forward to any third party rather than paying the favour back directly to the original donor.

My Pay It Forward Challenge is going to have a twist. My tree of good deeds is going to have a monthly "branch" deed and be highlighted right here on hOOkwOrM.

I am going to do something nice and meaningful and expect nothing in return at least once per month.


  1. Very nice idea Julie - But I'm guessing that you "pay it forward" alot more often than you recognize!!

  2. Julie, I try and do this all the time; even something so little as letting someone out in front of me in traffic. It makes me feel good!