Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Finished!

I started the Icons of NL on June 28, 2009 and completed the last stitch on the top border this weekend.

Now, I am working on the finishing. Thanks to April's blog and her tips, I used Cindy Gay's technique and zigzagged the edges several times before cutting off the excess burlap. I am using cording and whipping it with a contrast colour and I must say, it is spectacular.

I worked on this mat which is approximately 32 inches by 28 inches for at least ten minutes per day; afterall, I am a member of the ten minute challenge group! The materials are wool yarn and some wool strips. It isn't perfect but I certainly learned alot about rug hooking and considering I am self taught, it is amazing.

Now, this week it will be finished to be a wall hanging and the Icons of NL's fate will become clear!


  1. Absolutely PERFECT, Julie.....Just goes to show what a self-taught hooker can accomplish. Now to wait for the binding.....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  2. Just GORGEOUS, Julie!!! WOW ....
    I need to finish my slippers and then I hope to take a stab at hooking my rug!

  3. What an amazing project!!! You must feel so proud. It's really 12 little rugs in one - and my particularly fond of the moose (and the newf too).

    Congratulations Julie. Well done!!!

  4. Thanks everyone for all your help and support!

    I also have enjoyed your comments and helpful tips which without them, I would have never continued on.

  5. WOW Julie,
    Seeing all of the sections together is just amazing! Each icon is done to perfection! You should be proud of this wonderful creation! Congratulations and be sure and take lots of photos before you donate the would be very hard for me to part with it! Cathy G

  6. Great job. I can't wait to hear its final fate and also eagerly awaiting news of your next project!

  7. Great rug!! I didn't realize you were donating it until I read Orangesink's comment ~ what a wonderful thing!!