Friday, January 8, 2010

Busy, busy busy!

I have been so busy with meetings etc at the Day Job, that it hasn't left time to do much else.

Do more, with less people is the name of the current situation and the future doesn't hold much change. On a lighter side, the weather of the West Coast of NL has been downright balmy. Plus temperatures and absolutely no snow. But truthfully, we are all holding our collective breath and hoping we don't get it all back in February!

Working on the final icon in my rughooking project and should be able to start the top border this weekend. I will post some pictures over the weekend!


  1. Oh My, can't wait....

    The weather is great here, Julie. Can't complain because I am not a Winter/Outdoor person but a lot of people were waiting on that "pile" of snow that was supposed to be coming our way tomorrow and now has been changed....goody....
    Try and not stress yourself too much over work, Julie....not worth it..

  2. I'll be checking back for pics of that gorgeous rug!

    We're cold here; only one day above freezing in a week and that was yesterday. We keep getting this tiny little snow of an inch or two. Supposed to warm up in the 30's next week.