Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Unsubscribing the Welcome Mat!

I read something odd the other day on the Welcome Mat. Something about getting an invoice. Then, more mentioned on the blogs of other members about the upcoming "charge" to belong to the Welcome Mat.

I don't want to get into a mudslinging diatribe but I have always suspected that the Welcome Mat (or the Unwelcome Mat?) was becoming more of a business venture and not that of a free discussion group.

Many of the wonderful bloggers I have met on the web have either etsy shops, or eBay accounts, or small home business but absolutely none of them, force you to purchase their information or their products.

I will be supporting Rug Hooking Daily and opting out of the Welcome Mat. That's just my two cents worth for what its worth in the scheme of things.


  1. Agreed. I always thought it was a little funny that you had to be "invited" or "screened" for lack of a better word, to join. I never understood that part. But I un-joined yesturday too.

  2. I'm unjoining as well, but first I'm pulling all of my pictures and etc.

  3. I thought it was just me being "mean". I don't agree with paying that much money when other sites are free. I did join "My Front
    Porch", Wanda being the owner as well. If we want a question answered, I'm sure someone is quite capable and willing of answering it there as well. Glad you mentioned that, Julie.....