Monday, January 18, 2010


Almost finished the Icons of NL on the weekend.

It was another whirlwind weekend of tidying up after some renovations, regular housework, shopping, snow removal and a nursing assessment for Veteran's Affairs.

Needlessly to say, the weekend as usual flew by and I am back here at the Day Job wondering where it went. I am teasing out the last bit of hooking as I prepare for the finishing. I am going to make this lovely rug a wall hanging and I am using some of my fellow bloggers as resource people. Afterall, I have never completed a rug of this size, so it is a bit of a learn-as-you-go project.

Ahhh, now, the mystery will be revealed later on its destiny. Stayed tuned.


  1. Ah, I like it a LOT, Julie...Good job.
    The time just flies by for sure. I am "head over heels" into mine now and can't seem to get to the end of it. Naturally, it is one of the 12 icons like yours, just different shape. I have done this so many times that there is not much of a challenge there. I will soon have to put this pattern to rest. There are so many more I would like to do but of course, I have myself committed to some of the ones I have already done....Hope I can live long enough to do SOME of the ones I have in my mind....:)
    Am looking forward to the completion of yours..