Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Now, there is a word that only a few Canadians knew the meaning of, a year ago.

To prorogue means to delay, to suspend or to defer, to extend or to protract.

Personally, I would like to prorogue my weekends and shorten my weekdays. Unfortunately, that is not to be and by the posts in my fellow bloggers, I am not the only one with this preference.

Maddy is having one of her naps with her head on a pillow by the fire and a binkie close by. It has been so cold that she doesn't stay outside for long and the bay is starting to "catch over".

But the days are getting longer, perhaps, proroguing a little more every day!


  1. Maddy looks sooo comfy. Millie likes to nap on a pillow also. She will scratch at her blankie until she gets a lump and then rests her head on it. They are so funny.

  2. Hey Julie,
    I think I noticed a few more minutes of daylight here too! Smokey and Max are doin' the same........At least Jan. is almost over!!!!! Cathy G