Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Pictures

These pictures were taken by friends who were skidooing on a trail near Marble Mountain and the ski hills.

To give you some perspective of the proximity of the city to the country, you can see the steam coming from the mill in Corner Brook in the last picture.


  1. Julie,
    Lovely! It looks so pristine! I got a kick out of when you said skidooing! We used to call it that here too.......back in the days when I did some snowmobilin'! Just that word brought back a lot of memories today! I think we actually had a Ski Do (spelling?) snow mobile! Cathy G

  2. Hi Cathy

    We Canadians, call it skidooing or snowmobiling. After all, Mr. Bombardier from Quebec invented the Ski Doo and it is still the trade name on the Bombardier machines.

  3. Beautiful Pictures, Julie...

    I hear things are not going great for you folks at the Mill....those decisions has to be so stressful...hope things work out for you all

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