Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Progress on Mat

Between my ATV trip into the woods, making 24 bottles of marinated carrots and bread/butter pickles, I was able to make some progress on my mat.

Actually, I have completed most of it up to the sky and will take another picture when it is finished.

We are still using the hot tub although, it is getting abit chilly at night. This weekend, the Labour Day weekend, my little hot tub will be put away until next year. I am abit sad as this is the first of the "things" that have to be put away as the weather cools.

It is too duckish in the mornings to sit out on the deck, so I go to the Cheticamp frame with coffee in hand and get my ten minutes in before the Day Job!

PS: Duckish is a NL term for dusk or twilight.


  1. Great job on the lighthouse. This rug is cruising right along. I see you have been playing with the backgrounds - Looks good! Its fun to play around with different ones, depending on your mood! You know - us Gemini's have many, many moods!!!!

  2. You have been a busy lady, Julie. I meant to ask if you made the pickles....It does take a lot of time to do but well worth it. I have more cucumbers now so have to get "crackin'" and get more mustard pickles done between tonight and tomorrow.

    I just love your lighthouse thus far. Doing a great job.

    I, too, dislike putting things away. It seems like just yesterday we were busy putting in flowers, putting out the decorative garden pieces, etc. Time sure flies.....

  3. Nice work Julie, I've been so busy this week I'm a 10 minute rug hooker failure unless I can catch up by the end of the week. Too many people want my time and energy and the older I get the less energy I have to share.

    I'm glad you explained the word Duckish because I did re-read that line and think ummm .... how is a person duckish in the morning are they wet or yellow. LOL just joking.

    All the Best