Thursday, September 10, 2009

Got Your Moose B'Y?

Certainly as I continue to hook the 12 icons of NL, the moose has its place in my rug. Along with the seal, the moose stands out as a symbol of this province. While the moose populations diminish Canada wide, NL is "maggoty" with them.

Here's the history as I have been told. Moose were successfully introduced to the province in 1904 and are presently numbered at well over 250,000. Love them or at least, hunt them, the moose is sometimes, fondly called "government meat" by some of the older folks.

This weekend kicks off the end of trout and salmon fishing and the start of hunting season. The phrase of the next few months until the close of the season in early December is, "got your moose, b'y?"


  1. I love this moose. He looks so majestic.

  2. You have some great pictures on your blog. Enjoyed all the scenery as well as the Spider!
    Your hooked rug with all the icons is going to be great!

  3. Your just hooking along, nice moose.

  4. Hi Julie,
    Have a wonderful trip to the mainland! I'll be waiting to see your photos! You live in the most absolute beautiful place! I'm so glad you can still blog while you are traveling.......I MUST get a laptop soon! I need to sell a few more ugly guy posts though! Cathy G

  5. Awww, Julie, He is coming along just great. And yes, we will hear the phrase many many times of "got your moose b'y"

    I think Gov. should issue more licenses. This is the second year my DH didn't get one....

  6. Well your moose if quite handsome.

    You know how I feel about my namesake. It took me too many years to see one up close in the wild. But I do know the damage they can do when the population explodes. And I have more time for those who don't just hunt for sport, but for food.