Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hanging by a Thread

There is nothing more beautiful than a spider; unless of course, you have a phobia to them. Towards the end of the season, we have lots of gorgeous spiders hanging around the screenhouse and decks.

I always think of the children's story; Charlotte's Web when I see a particularly splendid example like this one. Their lives so short and yet, filled with creative genius in the making of their webs. It makes me wonder about the rugs and other crafts we make.

I finished up the lighthouse last night and started the outline of the moose, the next icon. I also tea dyed some natural white Briggs & Little 2 ply wool. It turned out pretty good using April's crock pot technique. Gosh, starting to think in terms of dying my own wool now!

I must have been bitten by the rug hooking spider!


  1. That's an awesome looking guy/gal, to say the least. Makes me shiver to look at it though. I've wondered about dyeing using tea. I'd like to try that sometime but too busy right now to take time to try. I have my own sheep's wool and would like to have a couple wool combs to work with. I may come across them sometime and will try that, would be great for clouds, sea, hair, etc....

  2. I love spiders as well. Enchanting as long as they are in their webs.....I love the fact that they eat other bugs.

  3. I think I have been bitten by the same spider!
    This weekend I will be hunting down a used crockpot at the Goodwill stores around here. It really does seem like a much easier way to do things, doesn't it?

  4. Ewwww, I now have the shivers! Not a huge fun of any bugs but spiders are the worst. I found one in our office building the other day and he was big enough to move furniture!!! It disturbed me for the rest of the day! LOL