Friday, September 11, 2009

Ferry Service

Part of the problem of living on an island is that from time to time, it requires leaving the island. I have made the crossing many, many times since 1984. On some of the older ferries, the loading and unloading was a major event taking hours and hours. In those days, passengers brought sleeping bags and pillows, and stretched out anywhere they could on a night crossing. Not very safe and not very comfortable.

In the early '90s, the two super-ferries arrived and allowed a roll on/roll off service. And now, the latest, the Vision, has been added. Lovely cruise ship but more designed for a longer voyage, not for a quick crossing of 4-5 hours. Our part of the Trans-Canada Highway, the most expensive and only 90 kms or so.

I will be striking out once again, leaving the island for a few weeks to connect with family on the Mainland. Thanks to the modern world, I will be posting as I go. The only thing I haven't figured out, is how I am going to rug hooking along the way!


  1. Ahhhh, the joys of ferry travel. I remember it well, having lived on Prince Edward Island for 3 years. Naturally, the Confederation Bridge wasn't completed until about 2 months after I returned permanently to Nova Scotia. Go figure!! I spent many a weekend stuck in ice jams on the boat.
    Looking forward to your blogs while you travel.

  2. Living on Vancouver Island taking a ferry is, as well, the only way to leave. Either going to the US or to the Mainland.
    I try to leave the island once a year, but lately that has been by plane more so than ferry.
    Our Ferry ride is only an hour and 35 mins. I don't think I would enjoy the ferry ride you are about to go on.
    I wish you a safe and inspirational trip!