Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh Me Nerves!

I have many fibre projects over the years and I was saying in previous posts, I only have kept the scattered one. Here are some petite pointe projects that I have given my mother. I thought that it would be good from now on, to keep a picture history of some of them.

Petite pointe used to be my favourite medium. It is like painting with threads; the tinier, the more detail you get. Taking a picture of a picture is difficult to get the quality of the design but here are some examples.

I am now teaching my mother how to rug hook and before I left the island, I designed a nice, simple pattern of a puffin. We will be working on it when I get back to Montreal as off to the "big smoke", Toronto for the weekend as I will be visiting my stepdaughter.

Kim, of course, I never miss Coronation Street and yes, it is getting pretty good but Stevie is sure going to have his hands full breaking up with Michelle and hooking up with Becky. Oh me nerves!

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  1. Julie, All of those petite pointe pieces are Beautiful. I have never done this or had heard of it until you mentioned it in one of your previous blogs. I especially like the top picture. You are truly a talented woman. Hope your mother likes the rug hooking; it would be a great past time for her. Good for you!!!!
    Enjoy your vacation to the fullest.