Monday, September 28, 2009

I confess!

It is very trendy today to confess to some sort of addiction. I have never thought of myself as someone who had an addiction to anything. Impossible as being a Gemini, the two of us keep each other guessing and roaming from one interest to another.

But really, with Charlize Theron's admission of her OCD, I may as well come clean. I too have mild form of OCD. I am not fussy about my cupboards being tidy as Charlize; as long as the cupboard door is closed, the chaos doesn't exist for me. I don't count, I don't avoid cracks in the sidewalk, I don't wash my hands over and over.

But what I do is follow a routine when travelling or leaving my home. If, for one second, my mind goes somewhere else, and I don't remember locking the door etc., I have to start the routine over again or if I don't, worry about it the whole time. Dishes have to go back in the same place, cutlery and linen too.


  1. I think its a gemini thing. I have my share of quirky habits!

  2. Wow I won't even start to explain my depth of OCD. It is quirky and can change all the time.
    I once read a sticker once that said...........
    "Yes I have OCD, but to me it is CDO"

    That way the letters are alphabetical.

    I am not sure if it is because I am an Aquarius or not.

    The weirdest thing I can think of that I do is eat Skittles Candy in 3's of the same colour until I run out of candy and then I can only eat colours that go together. I can eat red and purple together but have a hard time eating pink and red together. Don't know why.