Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Part of the way that my mother and I keep in contact is through the internet. After a problem with her computer, it was set up again by a "Geek" service. While we were able to communication via email, her computer was acting up and the wireless router wasn't working at all.

I tried last week to reinstall the router but after several hours of attempts and technical support calls, the router firm suggested the problem was with their device and would send a new one.

The replacement router came by courier today and I spent several hours trying to set it up without success. I was about to throw in the towel, but I know how much Mom enjoys internet radio and kept at it.

Finally, I got the modem and the router talking to each other. The computer is behaving beautifully and the internet radio is playing a station from Australia.


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  1. Nicely done. Tech problems can be so frustrating when you are not a "geek".