Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Red Tape Blues

One of the tasks my mother had lined up for me, was a new car purchase. Her car was older than some of my shoes and that says something. It was in great shape for 17 years old and only had 119,000 kms on it.

With the incentive to "retire your ride" from the Gov't of Canada and deals from car manufacturers, it was time. So off we go. The selection and purchase was simple but it was downhill from there. To get the "retire your ride" rewards, it takes internet experience, reams of paper work and a firm disposition to stick with it.

Once you have your paper work completed, you can wait for weeks for the pick up or drop it off at the recyclers. It took 45 minutes on the telephone to locate the recyclers which was quite a distance but would be a speedier option. The car performed beautifully on the drive there and I kept thinking what a shame to just have old snoopy recycled. But, as with everything, her time had come to go to the great junk yard in the sky.


  1. Yes, those reward programs almost seem too good to be true....and then you find out all the hoops you have to jump through! Are you getting to watch "Corrie" while you are away? It's getting good!!!

  2. Sounds like another one of those too good to be true stories, gov red tape , they hope you get tired of the process and say the hell with it.

  3. One of my friends used that program here in Victoria,BC. The deal with the one she used was you had to drive you car to the recycle place. They needed to see that it ran with no problems.
    She did her jumping through the hoops and now has a nice second hand 2007 Mazda.
    It can be worth jumping through the hoops some times.