Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back Again!

Well, we arrived safely back to the Island 4:30 am Thursday morning. It wasn't supposed to be that late, but let me explain. We left Montreal Tuesday morning with the plan to drive at least 12 hours and stay over in Antigonish. Anyway, there was alot of rain and that slowed us down abit but we did pull over in New Glasgow just at dark.

That would leave about 3 hours to make the boat deadline of 10:00 am. Just as we left the motel, I finally remembered to telephone Marine Atlantic to see if the ferries were still on time. With no bad weather, I was sure we would be on schedule to leave at 11:30.

Nope, the ferry was delayed and would leave until 2pm which wasn't too bad but would put us on the island well after dark. To make a long story short, we didn't get out of North Sydney until 3:30 pm. Around 9pm, rumours started circulating around the passengers that the Vision which had left North Sydney around 6:30 am, still hadn't docked and as such, we wouldn't be able to dock until the Vision did. P went to the Purser's office to find out but they wouldn't explain anything at all or even gives us an arrival time.

By 9:30 pm, we were stopped in a fog bank, going nowhere and still no announcement, nothing. By that time, Mom was very tired to say the least, as we all were. We did finally dock at 12:00 midnight but with unloading delays, we didn't exit the Smallwood until 12:45. We decided to head to Corner Brook as it was clear and calm. But as chance would have it, low lying fog made the treacherous drive even longer. You have to watch carefully for moose on the roads too!

We arrived back in one piece. I am very sure it has taken Mom two days to rest up and still looks abit tired today. I did up 8 bottles of beets harvested from our garden and worked on the icons and will post a picture tomorrow.


  1. Whew! Home safe and sound! Tell your Mom to put her feet up for a few days! Will look forward to those photos! Cathy G

  2. The usual with Marine Atlantic, isn't it, Julie. Too bad but hopefully, you are all rested up by now. The photo of you and your Mom looks great...
    Looking forward to seeing another icon. I have hooked for the better part of today and am doing the ocean. I find it a little boring; I would rather do a dozen houses than the sea and sky....:)