Monday, October 19, 2009

Rug Progress

My dear mother flew back home very, very early yesterday morning. What a nice visit we all had and shared much good food and chats.

I was able to finish some of the garden chores yesterday and wash the trucks. They are gleaming this morning and of course, as "murphy's law" would dictate, it is going to snow/rain.

Here is the map of NL and I added a couple of cities/towns. The left one is my neck of the woods, Corner Brook. The middle lower is the little town of Lord's Cove, where Anne Kirby, the designer of the project, lives. And the final right one, St. John's.


  1. Nice Julie, how many squares left to do?

    -- Corinne

  2. Looks GREAT, Julie. Thanks for including me. :) Out of all 12 icons, I think I like doing the map most of all. Not much to it; I guess I like the shape. Some day I would like to do a full size one and add some little icons. I remember seeing a drawing somewhere some time ago....

    Nice to know you had a nice visit with your MOm...