Sunday, October 4, 2009

I finished me moose!

Well, actually, I had finished the moose icon just before leaving on my holiday. I like the way the mottled yarn turned out as it looks just like the bog where our moose roam.

I was able to continue on with the icons and also, got outside for a couple of hours to work on the garden. This time of year is the dump the pots, clean up and load up the composter for next year's rich soil.

Well, it's back on the dayjob treadmill tomorrow, but will be glad to get back. While I was away, I found out that the mill will shut production for two weeks due to economic problems within the newsprint industry. I will most likely be working during this time but won't know for certain until tomorrow.


  1. Nice Work Julie, how many squares left now?

  2. Of course for me, a moose is like a siren.

    Your moose is very handsome. I like how much detail you imply with little detail. Can't wait to see this piece complete.


  3. Good job, Julie. I,too, like the mottled yarn. Looks great there....Can't wait to see all of the mat...