Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tails and Feathers

Kim of Millie's Mats got me thinking about what common ground most of the rug hooklings have together. The love of our little fur/feathered friends!

It was almost one year ago that Lily, seen in the foreground, took up residence at chez Julie. I shouldn't do this but I always look into various local animal rescues as part of my usual routine. There is one animal rescue in Central NL which looks after critters such as ferrets and rabbits and also birds.

There she was! Lily, a very old cockatiel who was once again being given up. As she was around 15 years old, there was little hope of adoption. We have had cockatiels before and in fact, the last of the bunch, Henry T. Byrd, seen behind Lily is about the same age.

Lily had a bit of mysterious and checkered past. She was found at large on her own in the wilds of NL, rescued and adopted but then, only to be given up again and again. I made arrangements to adopt her knowing that she was a senior with her clock ticking.

Lily is a very quiet, well behaved bird with a penchant for millet and sunflower seeds. She is also very independent and has not succumbed to Henry's whistles, songs and flirting.

Henry and Lily make the trip to the Mainland several times per year in their travelling cage and in fact, Henry has made the crossing more than most people in the province. Never once do they ask "aren't we there yet??"


  1. Lily and Henry do make a cute couple. I think its charming that after a year, she is still playing hard-to-get!

  2. These two are so beautiful, Julie....You are a kind soul to take Lily in.

  3. Aren't we all big softies when it comes to giving these furry/feathered friends homes! Bless your heart Julie for being the good Mom to all these cute little guys! Cathy G

  4. I think you are right--it seems anyone I know connected with fiber--wool, yarn, quilting--all seem to be animal lovers.