Sunday, November 1, 2009

Puffin all Finished

Well, another of the icons of NL completed and only two more to do. The weather was very wet and this was a great weekend at home with lots of rug hooking too.

With all the threats of picking up H1N1 virus, it is better if most people stay out of public venues and nested at home.

I am going to stop working on the icons for now and turn my thoughts to Christmas. I have some ideas and I will post tomorrow, the results.


  1. All this H1N1 hype has me nearly crazy. Do I get the vaccine or not?? I go back and forth everyday - yes - no - maybe......Arrgh.
    I'm confident its been tested enough plus I wonder if we are systematically weakening our immune systems with flu shots etc. Soooo confused!

  2. Hi Julie,
    Can't wait to see your Christmas ideas! I'm getting in that mood myself.
    We saw the sun here today and what a welcome thing! The flu is all around us here too so it is good to stay home and hook! Mom's Dr. actually told her to not go into public places right now. I did take her to the Mall this afternoon to walk however. Our Mall here is usually pretty dead so it wasn't hard to stay away from people HaHa! Cathy G