Monday, November 9, 2009

Quietly, it came

And quietly, it left again.

Nothing changes faster in NL than the weather. If you don't like the weather out the front door, go on out the back door. Here is a picture of my inukshuk, Gabby, on Saturday morning. By Sunday, morning, it was gone.

It was a busy weekend with final preparations for the winter. Solar lights are put away, plastic sheeting around the front deck to keep the weather out. Only one or two more jobs.

Seems like there is always a job or two left, does there?


  1. Poor Gabby. You sure did have a whack of snow...blah!!! and yes, there are always jobs to do. We spent the whole day canning beets. My poor feet are too tired to walk on at this time....will post a pic. tomorrow....

  2. Ohhhhh no. Its not here yet, but I know its coming. I dread it. But at least it didn't stick around long for you. Think about warm summer breezes....sandy beaches......flip flops.....Whew I feel better.