Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ho Ho Ho!

I finished the first of the little mats on the weekend and I think he turned out pretty good. I added the "2009" as a last thought as I feel it personalizes the gift even more. I started the second one, but didn't get to far as the continuing saga of NL winter preparations took priority.

The snow that fell is all gone and only a grim reminder of things to come.


  1. I love him. And the 2009 does add a nice touch. Your friends will be tickled!

  2. Very nicely done Julie! Your co-workers will love this! I like the 2009 on it! Gives it a special meaning as a keepsake. I was wondering about Gabby in your last post. Is that the stone structure under the snow? Sure looks interesting! I know it has meaning. Cathy G

  3. Wonderful job, Julie... I like the way you put the year on a slant; sure adds to it...I'd like to be one of your co-workers.... :)

    So you are doing those on your floor frame???Is that green material attached? and am curious as to what it is and the purpose.

  4. Good for you for the first one done! And even though the "grim" fell, it does remind us what is around the corner - both good and bad. We've had quite a little warm spell here, which makes it tough to believe that the celebrations are just around the corner.

    I'd best follow your lead and get going on holiday fare.

    Ho Ho Ho

  5. I love it, I want to be your neighbor. What size cut did you hook? Did you design the patterns or get them somewhere? I think they are great gift ideas. I know about the weather, in Utah we say wait a few minutes and the weather will change, so far we've had a pretty nice fall. One snowfall but that's about to end. Have a great Holiday season, Sandy

  6. Ho Ho Ho How cute is that? Great job! I love it! I need to start on my first project but I've been battling with bad headaches and don't want to start during that! No snow in our forecast here. It's been so warm over the past three to four days that I have contemplated getting my summer wardrobe back out! Sheesh.