Monday, November 30, 2009

My Favourite things to do!

Hello all you peeps! My mommy has left for the day and I have decided to try out this machine thingy.

My name is Maddy Petunia Brown and I am two years old and they call me a Jack Rascal , whatever that means.

I would like to share my top five things to do.

1) Squeek my squeeky things especially when the tv monster is on.

2) Sleeping and getting enough rest for my evening of running around with my squeeky things.

3) Sitting beside mommy when she is doing that hOOking thing and then, quietly, grabbing one of the little wooly balls and making mommy run after me. Loads of fun!

4) Being very picky about foods and turning on my heel when any food is presented with my nose held high...this one drives them nuts! You expect me to eat that! Just like a cat!

5) Going in the big truck and sitting up high and watching the road for mooseys. I used to hate this but now, I love it and want to go everywhere.

Well, I better go have a nap to rest up for this evening's fun.

licks, snuffs and hugs




  1. Hey Maddy Dog,
    You just made my day with your cute face! Tell your Mommy thanks for posting your favorite things! It has been a rough few days around here and I needed a bit of sunshine! (pat pat on your cute little head) Cathy G

  2. Maddy, you forgot practicing your begging face so you can get extra treats. And tell your momma I will post that recipe tomorrow. Ooh and tell Momma you need an extra treat tonight for being so adorable and computer savy!