Thursday, November 26, 2009

Answers to the NL Quiz

I am still laughing at some of yesterday's answers to the latest NL Quiz. Here is a picture from the Grumpy Goat with Mummers in the design. Here are the definitions.

1) Mummers: A person who dresses up like a fool and participates in Christmas activities. Although, this isn't done very often anymore, people used to disguise themselves and go from house to house during Christmas, putting on a little dance and expecting a drink of something, in return.

2)Ugly Stick: This is a homemade musical instrument usually topped with a mop head and has lots of bottle caps and bells to jingle. It is usually made out of a skinned tree branch and is 4-5 feet height. It is then tapped with a small baton and bounced up and down to the beat of a song.

3) Mamateek: A Beothuk winter wigwam. Beothuks have been extinct for many years in NL.

4) Sod: A cap or a flat hat.

5) Quat: Just like it sounds, to crouch or squat down.

More to come in the future as NLers have their own unique vocabulary, thats for sure, b'y


  1. And I thought an ugly stick was lipstick!!!! HAHAHAHA Thanks for the morning giggle. Another quiz in a week or so??

  2. Good one Kim, and you had me laughing too. Yes, I will do another one next week!

  3. Well, I sure failed that little quiz! :)