Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Newfoundland Quiz

Here is the next NL Quiz for all you Mainlanders. Let's see what interesting definitions we get this time.

1) Mummer
2) Ugly Stick
3) Mamateek
4) Sod
5) Quat

Stay tuned for the definitions later in the week.


  1. I love your little quizzes, but I'm terrible at them. Here are a few guesses:
    Mummer - like Halloween only at Christmas with costumes
    Ugly stick - Lipstick?? LOL
    Mamateek - ???
    Sod - A wig maybe?
    Quat - hmmm squatting on the floor.

  2. Close on a couple...I will let you know tomorrow..

  3. God I don't know?

    Ugly Stick - the person that is considered very ugly

    not a clue what they are....

  4. Gosh Julie, this is tough...
    1) Mummer: one who has not much to say

    2) Ugly stick: ? hmm ... I remember people saying "she's been hit by the ugly stick" when I was a kid (okay, not they were not talking directly about me) which meant I guess you were not good looking?

    3) Mamateek... gosh no clue.

    4) Sod? A person of ill repute.

    5) Quat?

    Geez, I have not clue how to speak NL! PLease clue us in!

  5. Hahaha, Lynn - I have heard that expression about being hit by the ugly stick. I thought it was a local thing, but I guess its widespread.