Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nine down, three to go!

Well, nine icons now complete and three more to go. I am now working on the puffins and will take a picture in the next day or so. I tried something different on one of the rocks; combined two different colours of wool and hooked them together. By taking a picture, I will get an idea of how it looks.

I am wondering from my fellow hOOkerS, if you have ever used other types of rug backing other than burlap? I see that some hOOKerS use Monk's Cloth, with its 2 x 2 squares and lines. It might be a nice alternative for something say, geometerical and when you have to stay square and all in line.

I am mulling around the next project and have some ideas.


  1. Corinne and I recently tried cotton rug warp for the first time on our purses. I really like it. It is soft and a little stretchy but retains its shape even when pulled tight on the frame. Monks cloth is too stretchy for me. You can order it from Dorr Mills. I think after I use up the scottish burlap I now have I will go to rug warp.

  2. I have used Monks cloth, but I find it stretches too much. I mainly use linen, although I have used rug warp and it worked well also.

  3. I like monk's cloth when i'm using a smaller cut and I haven't had any issues regarding it being too stretchy. I also like linen for #8 cut or larger.