Sunday, October 25, 2009

Down with a Cold

I have been down with an old fashion head cold for the past couple of days. I have always wondered why dogs never seem to catch colds. Maybe scientists should study that fact and we may come up with a cure.

Feeling much, much better now and working on Mr. Puffin and taking my time on the last couple of icons. Starting to think, ponder and plan the next project. Of course, with Christmas two months from today, I may switch gears and hook something for Christmas presents.

I try every year to do something crafty for the people I work with; one year, I knitted those old fashion cotton dishcloths, putting three in a nice basket with Christmas candies. Last year, I tried to make marmalade so I could give a jar of it with some other sundry items. The marmalade didn't set and was a total failure. So I wrote a poem about it and gave chickens instead.

Chickens, you ask?? I donated money in every one's name to a Canadian charity that gives a variety of animals to people in various countries. I bought two lots of chickens to be given to a single mother in Africa. A couple of my coworkers were very responsive and liked the whole idea of giving something worthwhile, instead of things that are nice, but unnecessary, in our land of plenty.


  1. Hope your cold gets better soon. Save one of those chickens for yourself and make some soup! I love those knit dishcloths. I make them all the time. In fact I probably have a laundry basket full now. Our frinds and family never go without. I knit when I am too lazy to drag out the hooking frame.
    PS Last year we bought some insect nets for under-developed countries.

  2. Hi Julie,
    Glad you're feeling better! I like the chicken gift idea! Last year we adopted a needy family for Christmas and showered them with hats, boots and coats for the kids. The kids each wrote a letter saying what they wanted...... they said winter coats, mittens and food. These were little kids and not one said toys. Needless to say they got a ton of stuff from us(all the girls I worked with) including toys! That was the most wonderful feeling to do that! Cathy G