Monday, August 31, 2009


Here are a couple more pictures taken on our weekend ATV trip into the back country.

While we certainly have the beauty of the boreal forest surrounding us on the west coast of NL, we also have the scars of clear cut logging. My Day Job is with a company who creates much of the destruction which, leads to my conundrum!


  1. Yes it can be difficult when our personal values are not reflected in the policies of our employers. However, until I win the lottery or that secret rich uncle leaves me a massive inheritance, I will have to trudge on!

  2. Coming from fire country in California I feel that this kind of land management provides a valuable service. Though the trees are beautiful the undergrowth needs to be cleared from time to time.

  3. I thought I'd never be able to bear cutting down a tree, but I sold 70 trees out of my woodlot last year and now the animals are living in the newly opened areas - a big buck was spotted yesterday with the sun shining down on him through the trees - so, it's much better than the dark closed up woodland before the cutting. Sometimes trees need to be cut.

  4. I Like your background design & colors. Julie. So "Fall" looking..... ...

    Wood cutting sure leaves its scars but it is a much needed project.