Monday, August 24, 2009


Bill fizzled out. This beautiful picture is of St. Mary's Bay in Nova Scotia and sometimes, I am not happy about living in a sheltered bay. It is during storms that when I see the crash and power of the waves, I am glad that we don't have waves like these!

So much hype about Bill that I found it exhausting in itself. Other than a few torrential downpours and dark skies, we didn't have anything but calm and still air. In fact, it was a bit hot overnight as I had closed up most windows just in case.

This lighthouse reminds me of the icon I worked on this weekend. I have always wanted to be a lighthouse keeper!


  1. The news does get a bit hysterical over upcoming bad weather, don't they? But I'm glad that everything came to a good end.
    I love lighthouses also. We have many of them on the Great Lakes--one of my goals is to see all of them.

  2. Hi Julie,

    Thanks so much for checking in with my blog. I've really enjoyed reading yours, and I love the pictures you've posted! The waves and orca are just so exciting to someone who lives in the Ozarks. Your goose rug is wonderful, and I am envious of your large, long hooking stand. I'll link you up to my blog, and will check in often.


  3. Julie,
    Glad you didn't get hit with the hurricane. We got a chance to go up into the East Quoddy Lighthouse while on Campobello Island....fascinating! Will share pictures soon.