Monday, August 3, 2009

Yarn or Wool?

I have a picture of the progress on the icons of NL but forgot to download it but I will do that this evening for tomorrow's post.

I am a new hooker and self taught for the most part unless you count Deanne's and Gene's video lessons. I started my first project with wool yarn from Molly Made. And I did the second project with wool strips. I find that the wool yarns are easier to obtain in a vast amount of colours. But I do incorporate wool strips from time to time when I have to.

Deanne says that you can use what you want primarily looking a texture, colours and interest as your inspiration. At first, I found that yarns didn't give any movement or direction, but I soon learned how that wool is just a malleable as strips.

I am going to clean out some cupboards later in the week and I will not be throwing anything out in the way of material.

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