Friday, August 21, 2009

Accidental Explosion!

Sometimes, the best things happen are purely accidental. This covers rug hooking and gardening. In one of my raised beds, the birds dropped a couple of sunflower seeds and instead of removing them, I planted around them.

I have had sunflowers before and they didn't do as well as in the Mainland. But my accidental sunflowers are an explosion of colour and flowers. The stalks are more than 2 inches in diameter and there are two of them, both full and beautiful.

I hope they survive the hurricane on its way this weekend. P and I cleaned up all loose garden items and will lash down anything that may become airborne. I watched in horror last night, the news about the tornadoes in Ontario and my heart goes out to the people who have lost so much.


  1. Beautiful. Sunflowers are my favorite - always make me smile when I see them. They seem so cheerful. Lets hope they survive the effects of "Bill". I also have my collection of bungee cords ready to tie down the deck furniture this weekend. Still hoping Hurricane Bill looses steam or changes course.

  2. These are spectacular, Julie. I have never grown sunflowers and yes, we are getting ready for Bill as well. Sure hope he loses his power before he strikes us but better be sure than sorry. My lilies are so beautiful and I am sure they will be destroyed with much wind. I am planning to cut some for the house before "HE" strikes.....
    Horrifying for the Ontarians. Guess your Mom doesn't like in that area???

  3. This would make a MARVELOUS rug!