Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What makes you happy?

I thought that the subject of what makes people happy is simple. But when I sat down to make my own personal list, it was hard to decide what goes first, along with what makes my list in the first place.

20 Things that make my Happy List

1) Time spent with my family
2) All my little fur and feather friends I have ever had.
3) Fibre arts of any sort.
4) Sunny days.
5) A glass of good wine.
6) A good meal shared with special people.
7) A long drive.
8) Walks by the sea.
9) New projects.
10) A problem solved.
11) Starry evenings by the fire pit.
12) A good story.
13) A good laugh.
14) Beautiful music
15) My garden in full bloom.
16) Beautiful rocks.
17) Rainy days in the summer.
18) Wild birds and animals.
19) Good health.
20) Learning something new.

What makes you happy?

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